So, what is the secret? You have to have the perseverance to accomplish your dreams. Define, follow and accomplish your goals, and never, never, never give up!

Our Mission

The mission of our Best Line team is to provide people in search of better and happier life with 21st century knowledge, information and mindset that enable you to build a bright future in the field of financial life as well as some other important fields of life.



Byron Belka

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
of Rain International

László and Kriszta Badár

Black Rain Diamond, Rain Millionaire Club  
Members, Founders of Best Line

Aaron Palmer

Central European Director

Ádám Szalay

Motivation trainer, communication specialist
Founder of „Sikerkód” (Success Code)

Krisztián Kupai

Regional Sales Manager

Gábor Rakonczay

Double Guinness world record holder
Extreme sport athlete, presenter and instructor

György Kanyik

Sapphire Elite

László Cseh

Silver and bronze Olympic medalist;
World and European champion; 100-time Hungarian champion swimmer

Péter Sidi

 World and European champion sport shooter; archer 

Virginia Drexler

Amateur Gallop Champion

Rudolf Dombi

 Olimpiai és
European champion




Hotel Aquincum 1036 Budapest, Árpád fejedelem útja 94.


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About Us

For us the Rain Business means a LIFESTYLE..

Networking is one of the most ethical form of business. It gives you the reward you deserve. On the way we can find skills and gifts that have been hidden from us all the way. We can experience the uplifting feeling of eternal progression. Many people ask us about the secret of success. The answer is simple. Success does not have a secret but a PRICE. We can achieve anything that we believe in and that we are willing to pay the price of. Rain is our life, thus we do not feel it to be work.

"My first experience with Network Marketing goes back to 1991 when I reached the top level with the first company I ever joined, and my life has changed forever." László Badár
Badár László

The most important person in this business is YOU. You are the reason for your successes as well as for your failures. If you are able to change yourself and your thinking, to become a better person, then success, and abundance, and happiness all appear in your life. This is not an easy process, since it requires perseverance and dedication – but it is worth it. Your sponsor can be a great help to you with this, as well as your team members, the events, the books, the presentations and even your partner.

"We’ve been married for over 25 years now – we have 3 children – and we have learned a lot during this period. By strengthening each other, and growing together, by forming each other we have reached the point where we are working together, making mutual effort for mutual goals – each of us working in the area he/she is the best at. I am extremely grateful for her because she was behind me, supporting me throughout the past 25 years, and thus greatly contributed to our united success." László Badár 
Badár László

"Why do I like doing this? Because you can accomplish a whole life’s work in 5–10 years. Because our kids imitate us, and thus are growing up in a completely different mindset, and as a result of this they will have a huge advantage when starting their own lives. Because we can accomplish our goals together, supporting each other and learning from each other." Kriszta Badár 
Badár Kriszta

So, what is the secret? You have to have the perseverance to accomplish your dreams. Define, follow and accomplish your goals, and never, never, never give up! Looking at the corporate management team and our goup we really feel we have arrived home.

László and Kriszta Badár
First Black Rain Diamond in Europe
First Rain Millionaire Club members in Europe

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